We, Blaue Frau, along with our collaborators invite Nordic artists whom we admire to conduct workshops on the following themes: norm criticism, anti-racism, and hate. The workshops are in English and are FREE of charge. Spaces are limited! Reserve your spot at 

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18 – 19.11 WISPs Feministisk Scenkonstsamling del 2 (Stockholm): Nancy Herz 





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In collaboration with WISP and UNGA KLARA

18.11 15:30 – 17:30 
19.11 11:00 – 17:00

WHERE: Unga Klara

18.11: 50+ 
19.11: 30 total 

This workshop is for anyone who is troubled by the subject of identity and norm-breaking. Who are we when we are different from our families, culture or community? This is for those who want to explore the issue of breaking norms, and the risk that this entails and the different ways of doing this.

A workshop on breaking the norms, and making your own choices.

In this workshop, we will practice speak about and express how we break the norms of our communities, families or societies. It is seldom easy to make decisions that are the opposite of what is expected from you, but sometimes it is important to stand by these decisions although they are difficult to make.

Does this always come with a high cost? The goal is to reflect upon the cost of being different and defending your identity on different fronts. What can we do to make this cost smaller for the individual, and is it the responsibility of the community or the individual to normalize what is different?

We will discuss the norms and expectations that are set for us, and how they define our choices and who we become.

It is also a question of supporting each other, and what we can do in order to defend each other and stand in solidarity with those who speak freely about their identities and choices. What can we do to make it easier for young people to be honest about their own lives, and to tell them that their experiences are legitimate and deserve to be heard? What can we do in order to believe this ourselves? What does it do to our communities if we DO NOT break any norms?

In a word in which our different identities as individuals are under pressure, and sometimes put up against each other, we must reflect on the importance of making choices based on who we are, rather than what others expect us to be.

Our personal issues are also political. How do we stand up against the abuse of our identities, stories, and experiences?

Tactics used in the workshop are discussions, self-reflection and stage exercises.

BIO: Nancy Herz is an author and social commentator from Norway, with a Lebanese background. Winner of The Freedom of Expression Tribute by Fritt Ord in Norway. Recently published the book “Shameless” with Sofia Srour and Amina Bile.

FURTHER INFO: Comfortable working clothes. Bring something to write on/with.


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Blaue Frau Workshops Autumn 2016 were held by Noora Dadu and Timimie Märak. Special Thanks to Dramalabbet. 

Blaue Frau Workshops Spring 2016 were held by Jani Leinonen, Sandra Yi Sencindiver and Poste Restante.

Blaue Frau workshops Autumn 2015 were held by Camara Joof, Maryan Abdulkarim & Giovanna Esposito Yussif and Maria Salah

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Blaue Frau håller workshopar i och föreläser om maktstrukturer, könskonstruktion och drag (se subfrau). Workshoparna riktar sej till såväl professionella konstnärer som till andra yrkesgrupper. Undervisningen kan anpassas enligt behov och önskemål.

Blaue Frau har undervisat på Teaterhögskolan i Helsingfors sedan 2011.

Blaue Frau organizes specially designed workshops on power, gender, cross dressing and drag issues. Our activities are directed towards professionals aswell as amateurs. The workshops vary in their format depending on the targetaudience.

Blaue Frau has been teaching at The Theatre Academy in Helsinki since 2011.

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