All workshops will be conducted in English, and are FREE of charge. The topics are norm criticism, anti-racism and hate. Spaces are limited! Reserve your spot at 

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10. – 11.6 Tove Sahlin/ Shake it Collaborations: D.D.R Desire, Demand and Receive






In collaboration with Hangö Teatertraff:


17 – 18.8 Åland Pride 2017: Studio Naiv 


The Genius Workshop

When: 17 – 18.8 kl 11 – 17

Where: NIPÅ gallery (Köpmansgatan 4, Mariehamn)

In collaboration with Åland Pride 2017 & Nordens Institut På Åland

Amount of Participants: 15 – 20

 The workshop is intended for: Women and transgender

Workshop description:

Based on conversations we’ve had with friends and acquaintances, mostly among women, we’ve noticed a pattern. You can call it ”the-good-girl-syndrome”, fear or the deep cuts of patriarchy. The pattern we’ve seen is that few of us dare to be pretentious, naiv and free in our creative work. We always think long and hard before we create and we limit ourselves in our creativity.

We want to explore the feeling of being the pretentious male genius. We want to brag about our art, create unhindered, be torn of creative madness and then be celebrated for it! But we still want to be able to be humble and open for opinions and ideas from others. And we want to challenge the idea that you can’t do both.

In the genius workshop we will create a space for conversations and creativity where you will be able to explore your inner genius through the Studio Naiv method. The first day of the workshop contains of exercises conducted by the Studio Naiv crew where you will get keys to arouse your inner genius. The second day we invite you all to the Studio Naiv Avantgarde Salon an utopian place where we focus on producing great art.


Studio Naiv is a group, a movement, a name. We consists of: Sofia Wigand, an artist, performance artist educated in political performing arts among others. Mikaela Knapp, actress and performance artist and founder of the feminist, norm-critical performance group Per.får.mens educated in political performing arts among others. Anna Nordenström, music artist who creates electronic-pop under the name Call me and Manatii.

We have created Studio Naiv. An experiment, a network and a creative explosion. Within Studio Naiv you create everything that comes in mind, and get celebrated for it. You do crappy art but you call it brilliant. As a first step to climb over the high threshold of genius, we use Studio Naiv. In this first step we focus on quantity rather than quality, as we mean that our biggest problem is that we think too much before we create.

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9 – 10.9 MalmöKviss Búmm Bang  







Kviss Búmm Bang  – A workshop.                                                         

When: 9 – 10.9 kl 11 – 17

Where: Bombina Bombast (Smålandsgatan 20 c, 214 30 Malmö)

In collaboration with Bombina Bombast

Amount of Participants: 12 

Workshop Description:


FIRST: Introduction of Kviss búmm bang and some of our previous work and approaches.

SECOND: The objective of this workshop: 0 vision, eliminate racism.

THIRD: A lecture on an approach or plan to eliminate racism in Sweden and the world at large. 


FIFTH: We will watch a video from an experiment made by Jane Elliot for the BBC on racism.

SIXTH: A brief talk about norms and how we in KBB have used Brecthian verfremdungseffect to create spaces for people to step out of their blind spots.


FIRST: The group will be split into smaller groups of three. We will  creative exercises where ideas are produced and multiplied.

SECOND: The groups go through what they have created and will select the good from the bad.

THIRD: Each group will present to the others how racism will be eliminated.


Kviss búmm bang has, since 2009, developed its so-called Extended life performances. Its work is about researching the fictional normality of mundane life: giving people a chance to question their everyday realities, and become aware of the extent of their own influence on it.

Kviss búmm bang has performed at several festivals in Europe, including Wiener Festwochen, Mladi Levi, the Utrecht Spring festival and the Baltic Circle, and it participated in the Global City – Local City project of the festival network Theater/Festivals in Transition.

Kviss búmm bang consists of three founders and members, Eva Björk Kaaber, Eva Rún Snorradóttir and Vilborg Ólafsdóttir.

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18 – 19.11 Stockholm: In collaboration with WISP

Artist and workshop details: TBA 


Blaue Frau Workshops Autumn 2016 were held by Noora Dadu and Timimie Märak. Special Thanks to Dramalabbet. 

Blaue Frau Workshops Spring 2016 were held by Jani Leinonen, Sandra Yi Sencindiver and Poste Restante.

Blaue Frau workshops Autumn 2015 were held by Camara Joof, Maryan Abdulkarim & Giovanna Esposito Yussif and Maria Salah

Blaue Frau workshops Spring 2015 were held by Nasim Aghili, Tärähtäneet Ämmät, Sonya Lindfors and Inderdjit Kaur Khalsa.





Blaue Frau håller workshopar i och föreläser om maktstrukturer, könskonstruktion och drag (se subfrau). Workshoparna riktar sej till såväl professionella konstnärer som till andra yrkesgrupper. Undervisningen kan anpassas enligt behov och önskemål.

Blaue Frau har undervisat på Teaterhögskolan i Helsingfors sedan 2011.

Blaue Frau organizes specially designed workshops on power, gender, cross dressing and drag issues. Our activities are directed towards professionals aswell as amateurs. The workshops vary in their format depending on the targetaudience.

Blaue Frau has been teaching at The Theatre Academy in Helsinki since 2011.

Språk/Language: svenska, english, suomi