Posted December 10, 2018

We, Blaue Frau, along with our collaborators invited Nordic artists , whom we admire, to conduct workshops on the following themes: norm criticism & anti-racism. The workshops were in English and are FREE of charge. The workshops were help by various artist 2015-2018. The workshops were supported by Nordisk Kulturfond & Nordisk Kulturkontakt.

Blaue Frau Workshops 2018 were held by Sarah Yasdani & Anna Möller from “Brown Island” -collective (SE) in collaboration with Lainsuojattomat/Outlaws Festival (Pori, Finland), Juli Apponen (FI) in collaboration with Genderhouse Festival (Aarhus/Denmark), Louisa Yaa Aisin (DK) in collaboration with Turteatern (Stockholm), Athena Farrokhzad (SE) in collaboration with Baltic Circle (Helsinki, Finland)

Blaue Frau Workshops 2017 were held by Tove Sahlin/Shake it Collaborations (SE) in collaboration with Hangö Teaterträff (FI), Studio Naiv (SE) In collaboration with Åland Pride 2017 & Nordens Institut på Åland (FI), Kviss Búmm Bang (IS) in collaboration with Bombina Bombast (SE), Nancy Herz (NO) in collaboration with WISP and Unga Klara (SE).

Blaue Frau Workshops Autumn 2016 were held by Noora Dadu (FI) and Timimie Märak (SE). Special Thanks to Dramalabbet (SE). 

Blaue Frau Workshops Spring 2016 were held by Jani Leinonen (FI), Sandra Yi Sencindiver (DK) and Poste Restante (SE) .

Blaue Frau workshops Autumn 2015 were held by Camara Joof (NO), Maryan Abdulkarim (FI) & Giovanna Esposito Yussif and Maria Salah(SE)

Blaue Frau workshops Spring 2015 were held by Nasim Aghili (SE), Tärähtäneet Ämmät (FI), Sonya Lindfors (FI) and Inderdjit Kaur Khalsa (FI).