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P vs P

Posted June 15, 2016

Open call for P vs P (working title)  has ended. We got 133 applications. We chose 19 people to take part in an skype interview and from those 19, we chose 5 people to collaborate with us in our new Nordic project in 2018: Bergdís JúlíaJóhannsdóttir IS, Nina Markovic Matthis SE, Lidia Bäck FI, Sepideh Khodarahmi SE, Klara Wenner Tångring SE.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We are truly overwhelmed!!!



Blaue Frau is looking for four persons to join a project in 2018.



Persons who identify as women

Persons who work or have worked as professional actresses.

Persons with knowledge of and interest in norm criticism and feminism

Persons who understand Swedish

Residents of the Nordic countries

Persons who are prepared to use themselves as material in an artistic process

Persons who are willing to challenge the traditional theatrical convention and prepared to interact with the audience

Persons who are ready to work in a process where together we determine the outcome



Premiere 16.2.2018 in Helsinki

Rehearsals 22.1 – 16.2.2018 in Helsinki and four workshop opportunities in the Nordic countries in 2017. A tour is planned in 2018.



The project’s theme is participatory art and site-specific. We want to conduct research on the private self versus the professional self. Among actors, there is a long tradition of staging the self on stage and clearly being able to distinguish between the private and the professional. We are interested in today’s perfunctory staging of the private self, especially in social media. Such identity building is reminiscent of the actor whom was established thousands of years ago.

We are interested in the border between seeming intimate and to really be. Is it possible to transfer real intimacy in a performative situation? What do you perceive as private? Where is your limit?



Understanding Swedish is essential, as a large part of the project will be conducted in Swedish.



Applications can be submitted in English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. Applications must be submitted no later than 31.08.2016. Applications should be sent via e-mail: info@blauefrau.com with the headline: Application. In the application, we want you to submit an A4a describing an occasion when your private self was in conflict with your professional self. We also want to know your name, e-mail, telephone number and the country/city you primarily operate in. We do not want a resume, work samples or photo.  All applicants will be notified in writing in September 2016 if they have moved on to the interview process.



The project is realized by actresses Sonja Ahlfors and Joanna Wingren (Blaue Frau, FI) and dramaturg Stefan Åkesson (Poste Restante, SE).



Stefan Åkesson is trained as a dramaturg at the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm. In 2007 he, together with Linn Hilda Lamberg, formed the performance company Poste Restante. Poste Restante produces all encompassing performance works, where the individual visitor is the work’s protagonist and the final recipient. The visitor is invited to tangibly explore personal dilemmas with the operators. Stefan also works as head dramaturg at Backa Theatre in Gothenburg.

Blaue Frau is a Finnish-Swedish feminist and norm critical duo consisting of actresses Sonja Ahlfors and Joanna Wingren. Blaue Frau was founded in 2005 as an independent branch of the Nordic drag king group subfrau (subfrau.net). Blaue Frau has done loads of projects and toured countless times, in addition to 18 productions and numerous workshops, Blaue Frau founded the festival Pop Up Art House (2014-2015) and podcast Taxen & Terriern. Currently, Blaue Frau is on tour performing the rave-reviewed electro-art-pop concert “11”.


We reserve the right to make changes.


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